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Human Material - Character Customization

There are many items to change many sizes and positions of the character's body. From the admin panel, in the other category search for SBM or GEM and the names should be self explanatory.

The exact effect will not be the same depending on the customization already done. With practice and testing, different results can be achieved according to the order you use the items, even if they are the same items used the same number of times.

That being said, below I explain them as far as it is possible.

"Gem of" types

The gems of types will change only character layout items, and will be divided by their appearance:

Pink Droplet Shape:
The only two are Gem of Buxomness and Gem of Dry Jug, and they are used to grow and shrink breast size respectively. Their tone is different. The one which shrinks it looks with less saturated color, which will be a characteristic in all pairs.

Yellow Droplet Shape: 
These are the Burnfat/Carbload pair, that grows or diminishes the aspect of muscle definition respectively. Another pair that uses this aspect is Gains/Losses pair, which grows or diminishes the aspect of the fat lines in the body respectively. They both trigger by level the shiny skin effect: High muscle definition and low fat makes skin more shinny, while less definition and more fat lines make the skin more opaque. Combining their effects wisely makes almost any aspect have a shine or not.

Blue Droplet Shape: 
These are the gems that change hair. Styling up and down change the type of hair, Trimming up and down change the scalp form, allowing combinations of different styles, like short hair under the ponytail, or mohawk scalp and ponytail. There is also the Hair Up and Down, which changes hair color.

Aquamarine Droplet Shape: 
There are four of them, and they are the body changing gems. One pair is Gem of Tanning and Gem of Pale, which will make skin darker or lighter respective. The other is the gem of growth and gem of shrinkage, which will make your character taller or shorter.

Red Droplet Shape: 
These deal with Warpaint color, Gem of Art Bitter and Sour change the color of warpaint, and Gem of Art Up and Art Down cycles on the available warpaints. As it deals with "War", the Gems of Bull and Bird which change voice also share this color because they change the tone of your "War Cry".

Yellow Orb: 
The yellow orb gems change facial aspects, and they are:
- Pout: Makes lips thicker
- Zip: Makes lips thinner
- Face Up/Down: Cycles the available faces
- Lip Up/Down: Cycles Lip Make Up
- Brow Up/Down: Cycles Eyebrow types
- Chin/Cheek Up/Down: Changes the sizes of Chin and Cheek (the name tells)
- Jawing/Jawong: Widens and Narrows Jaw size respectively
- Spook/Squint: Grow or Shrink eye respectively
- Chameleon/Cyclops: Widen and Narrows eye distance respectively
- Apple/Cherry: Grows and Shrinks Cheekbone respectively
- Potato/Jackfruit: Grows and Shrinks your nose respectively
- Bell Pepper/Grape: Widens and Narrows the nose respectively
- Moose/Snout: Turns Down or Up the nosetip respectively

Metal Encased Caramel Orb: 
This is the gender Gem. It changes the gender of your character. When it is used, the Gem of the Bird or the Bull shall be used to correct the voice if it is not changed automatically. This gem will trigger several changes in the body as to make it possible to change genders, so it might sometimes change the general appearance of your character when you change gender and then change back.

Gemini Gem: 
Gemini Gem is used to copy the appearance of a "walking thrall" or a character into another gem that will look more vivid but bear the same name. Remember to spawn the opaque one always.
Once you copied it to a vivid one, using it in a crafting station will copy that appearance to any working thrall put there. To reset it, you need to rebuild the workstation, by returning to inventory and building again. This is made as such to avoid someone else not entitled to build or control your things to change it, even if they can replace the thrall in the station.

Mirror Gem: 
Mirror Gem is used to copy the appearance of a "walking thrall" or a character as well, but it is used to copy from one to the other, and do not work in crafting stations.  Remember to spawn the opaque one always.
Once you copied it will spawn 4 other gems. Full Mirror will copy the entire appearance, Body Mirror will copy only the body customization and leave the armor as it is, Armor will copy only the armor and leave the body alone. Demirror seal will deactivate the effect.
Remember: The gems will fix that which it changes, so if you fix the armor, the armor will not change even if you change armors, or if it is body fix, it will fix the body and the vanity mirror or other effects will not work. To change again you need first to Demirror yourself, and then change your body.

"SBM" types

The SBM types will change the body structure and they have only one appearance:

Pink Droplet Shape:
All SBM Gems have this same appearance, and they will just change in tone to a opaque and vivid that do opposite changes when have the same name followed by Extender or Contractor. As they are entirely of mod creation, they have no limits, so use with caution.

They work as follows:

Shoulder - It widens or narrows shoulders by positioning them outwards or inwards and adequately changing its height position to more accurately reflect the change.

Thickness - It widens or narrows the entire body of the character, and have a minimal level of head correction so it does not grow too much out of control, but this correction is not complete. Another SBM gem will allow you to correct the head size, as we see further in the document.

Arm - It thickens or thins the arm, mostly the arm, but also the forearm. As many other gems, it will try to correct a little the effects on the forearm, but it wont do it to a large extent, there will be a gem to do it as desired.

Back - It curves or straightens the back, giving the effect of "locking pelvis", that position people use to do squats. It will also have a minor effect in making a "bodybuilder pose", that peculiar posture bodybuilders have with their backs.

Hip - It thickens or thins the upper leg and to a lesser extent, the hips, and try to avoid extending the calves, but it does not correct it fully. Other gems will do it as desired.

Neck - It will work making the neck thin or thick, and correcting for base neck and upper neck, correcting changes to the neck made by other gems.

Chest - It will change the size of the chest and to a lesser extent everything up the chest. It will change head and shoulder sizes, so it must be correct by other gems later if heavily used. It is meant to chisel the form, not to make big chest changes.

Head - It will change the size of the head by changing the amount of correction effect from other gems. It will work by itself to change head size, but the more other gems altered it, the bigger the magnitude of this gem use.

Limb - It will elongate or shorten the arms.

Torso/Mid - These two pairs of gems are ment to chisel the form of the upper body by thickening or shortening the two parts of the mid section, Torso the upper, Mid the lower, in order to make the waist line more or less pronounced. Their effect is multiplied by the other SBM and by each other uses.

Wrist - This gems will make the wrist thicker or thinner, and they are meant to correct the Arm growth or shrinkage effect. They will be more effective the bigger or the smaller the arm is compared to the regular size.

BustX/Y/Z - These are used to change the orientations of the breasts, creating a more realistic effect (or more fake breast looking). They work in each axis of rotation, and mostly practice will tell the net effect of their use.

Height - This gems are meant to correct any height discrepancies created by radical changes in the body. Usually the normal game corrects it, but mods, radical changes using other gems, they will make your character seem to stick on the ground or float above it, so the height corrects that.

BellyFix/BellyRefix - These two pairs work on the belly size specifically, base and top belly respectively, to create a pot belly or lean abs look. They will be changed in intensity by other modifications and by each other, so only practice will tell the effect they will have. They can be used to correct other effects, like belly popping from mid growth, or torso and breat changes.

Hand/Feet - These will change the overall size of hand and feet respectively. They will influence the height correction needed for a correct ground positioning.

Bone Gem: 
This gem will copy the aspect of SBM gems from a "walking Thrall" or player, to be used in another. It will change and fix the SBM layout. Remember to spawn the opaque one always.
Once you copied it to a vivid one, it can be used in another "walking Thrall" or player.

Debone Gem: 
This gem will remove all the effects of SBM gems.

Bone Scroll: 
The bone scroll is a buildable scroll that can be used to copy a text version of the customization, both Gems of and SBM, to be used in another server, another game style or another map. It might be used to edit the appearance, but only if one knows what one is doing.

Tips and Tricks


Use Thralls to store appearances you can copy when wanted, or offer other players to copy. Using the Mirror or Bone gem you can offer other players or yourself an repository of edits, and save some work when doing similar styles.

Back Up:

Use the Bone Scroll to copy and then paste to a notepad your appearances, so you can have a back up in case you have any problem with your game, with the mod or with the computer. You can also use it to edit your character to a similar point in other games, other servers, other characters.

Shortcut Chiseling

Put the gems in order on the shortcut bar and use the vanity camera (usually V key) to see the results. You can store your appearance in a Thrall and edit the appearance you want in another thrall on yourself first, and then copy to them.

Show your Work

Using the Bone Scroll you can share your customizations with Discord friends, Forum Friends, and even comission edits to other players.