Conan Exiles Mod - Thrall Patrol


Thrall Patrol Instructions

The basic functionality of the mod is divided in two parts:

1 - Basic items to get Thralls to do specific emote actions, like lay down, lean on walls, etc. Mostly for ambience. These items can be spawned by admins and they can be found in resources by searching for "AMD".

2 - Patrolling and control items, which can be found by searching resources for "THRALL" and they are as follows:

-Thrall Thorough Check Points - Sets the time the Thrall stops in each point to 120 seconds.
-Thrall Quick Check Points - Set the time the Thrall stops in each point to 30 seconds.
-Thrall Fast Patrol - Set the time the Thrall stops in each point to 60 seconds.
-Thrall Reset Schedule - Clears all points set for patrol in a Thralls list. (Alters only that specific Thrall)
-Thrall Set Patrol Point - When used in a Thrall's inventory will add their current position as a patrol point. (Better used while the Thrall is following you)

The remaining Thrall items are in test for restoring usage. The Thrall Choker is used to add more thralls to the following list, and the thrall go home instructs a thrall to return to the base point last defined.

Thrall Instructions: 

Presently the Thrall Instructions has one command, used to instruct thralls to do an emote of the AMD items when reaching and/or leaving the patrol point. For now the macro language for it is of low level, but it might take a format more like Javascript in the future.

For now an example of code would be:

Which will do the AMD item coded 10 on reaching the point, which is the giving the fist (check the Modifiers in the inventory to know which item is which code) and will do the AMD item coded 9 on leaving, which is the waving.

Continuous actions from AMD items should be used with care, as the thrall will move doing the emote, so it would not be nice to use the lay down code for when you are leaving. For now complex actions are not possible in the published version.

Future developments:

On the next update for Thrall instructions there will be a instruction for adding patrol points via scroll. Any thrall that stops by the scroll in a patrol will add the points in the scroll. This scroll will be like this:

This code will add those points to the patrol points already in the Thrall's list.
There will be an option in the scroll to get the code by itself based on patrol points you will add to a list in your character's inventory rather than a Thrall's, and therefore you build your patrol schedule yourself, drop a scroll, use the menu to write the code down, and then you can edit for additional commands or altering order, etc.

There will be also a emergency protocol, and upon entering combat, the scroll might give instructions to the Thrall if they should engage, go somewhere else, or ask for help nearby.

These features I have in tests locally in my game, and when they work as I want them to, I will update the published mod with them.